Picus Partner Network

Earn 7-2-1% Recurring Commission

As a Partner Network, you will receive recurring commissions as long as your referral remains an investor. Picus offers an investment program that suits any budget. The more your referrals earn, the more you earn!

Easy to get started

In order to start making money on an partner network, you don't have to be an investor yourself. It is enough to register and get an individual referral link.

Instant payouts

The income from the deposit of each invited investor is credited to your account balance instantly and is immediately available for withdrawal.

Promotional materials

We provide colorful advertising materials so that your work on expanding the partner network is as effective as possible.

About the partner network

The Picus partner network will help you get additional income by attracting new investors to the system. We offer 5% - 1% commission on each deposit of the participant you invite.
If your referral turnover exceeds $50,000, you will automatically start receiving 7% - 2% - 1% commission from each deposit.

You don't need to have active deposits to participate in the partner network. You receive income from each invited investor, funds are credited to your account balance instantly and are immediately available for withdrawal. We provide you with a set of tools for inviting potential investors that will help hundreds of thousands of people receive stable passive income.

How is the commission charged?

You receive a commission of 5% on all investments of the participants you invite (first line). Investments made by those who are invited by your direct referrals (second line) bring you a commission of 1%.

As soon as the entire turnover of your referral system exceeds $50,000, you automatically become our partner and start receiving an increased commission of 7% -2% -1%. You receive a commission of 7% on all first line investments. Investments of the second and third line bring a commission of 2% and 1%, respectively.

How to become a member of the partner network?

It's very simple to become a member of the partner network! It is enough to sign up on the online platform, get an automatically generated referral link and distribute it to attract potential investors.


Register and log in to your profile on the Picus online platform.


Your unique referral link will be generated in your profile.


Invite new investors using your referral link.


Receive a commission from each deposit of the private investor you have invited.